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ABOUT the Creator


Who knew that a pandemic would spark such a change in my life's direction.

My name is Mercedes Burchett. I am a Memphis native and an all around creative.

I have always had a love for art, more so in the form of writing (especially at a younger age) but found a love for creating wire wrapped pendants in 2020. 

Like so many during that time, I experienced serious withdrawal, anxiety and depression. It was an extremely difficult time as I began to navigate sitting with myself more. Alone with my own thoughts.

I dove into spirituality and was introduced to meditation, grounding techniques and of course, crystals.

I would see many of my associates wearing these beautiful wrapped pendants around their necks and I would always ask about where to purchase. They suggested a local botanica but I would miss the wire artist each time. This happened so much that I decided to make my own.

I failed so many times. I laugh looking back on what my pendants looked like then. But I kept trying. I would wrap pendants and gift them to my family and friends. My first "sale" was actually a donation from a stranger. It was an eye opening experience that she saw value in what I created. This sparked a drive in myself that I had been missing for a while.

My hope for Sincerely Antoinette is to continue to grow and encourage creativity. My customers mean everything to me. Without their support (your support), my brand would not be what it is. I am forever grateful for what this journey has brought into my life and I look forward to connecting more and more with my audience.

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