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ABOUT the Creator

I began creating wire wrapped pendants in 2020. This was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like so many during that time, I experienced serious withdrawal, anxiety and depression. We all went from being able to do the things wanted, when we wanted, to being forced into seclusion. 

I remember seeing many of my associates wearing these beautiful crystals around their necks and I wanted one too. I would visit a local botanica but would miss the wire artist each time. So one day, I said I would make my own. I did not realize how much that moment would influence my future.

I was an absolute horrible wrapper. LOL Like, awful. But for some reason, I never gave up on trying. I would wrap pendants and gift them out to my family and friends until one day, a stranger showed interest and purchased a piece. It was an eye opener and encouraged me to continue.

My hope for Sincerely Antoinette is to continue to grow and encourage creativity. My customers mean everything to me. Without their support, my brand would not be what it is. I am forever grateful for the love and support.

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