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Can I be honest???

Can I be honest???

I get anxious every time I post on social media. 

And let me tell you why.....

I posted a lip cuff video a year or so ago that went viral. It was such a simple video (in my opinion) and yet caused so much commotion. The comments both praised and ridiculed me. That lasted for about a month before it slowly dwindled off. It was rough seeing those comments because,

I couldn't understand where that nasty energy was coming from and why people felt the need to use their energy to spew hate to me!

At the end of the day, I have art to create which means that my content would continue, but I began to notice that I would feel this angst in my belly right before I post.

In December, I posted yet another lip cuff video that has since hit over 4 million views. INSANE, right????

Of course, the battle of loving it and hating continued and this time it was worse.

People criticized my art, said it was stupid, ugly, RIDICULULOUS.  That is represented slavery and bondage.

Now, I am just diving into my Afrikan culture and history so there are many things I do not know...but one thing I do know is that, if I were doing ANYTHING to disdain my lineage, my ancestors would have a say!!!! There are no parts of me that feel that my art, shines a negative light on my heritage. In fact, I believe, it is HEIGHTENED because of it.

So lets learn some things together, shall we?

In Afrikan cultures, lip labrets were considered to be more beautiful, especially if stretched with large wooden plates to emphasize its beauty. Lip jewelry, in some cultures were also believed to enhance sexuality...MMM

Body Adornments were also a way to symbolize:

Class, Gender, Spirituality and Attractiveness

The more extravagant the adornments, the wealthier you were.

For me, creating is a way to express my individuality, to pay homage to my culture and to continue to work through my mental health.

I never imagined that doing what I love, would bring out such ugliness in others. 

After expressing myself to my wife (who was in full attack mode) she gave me some much needed insight.

Here I am in this stone castle and I am concerned about the people outside throwing paper at my castle.

In most cases, these are people who are simply trolls who only want to get a reaction...others are ignorant to their own history so they attempt to attack mine, and others are just sad af that its not them....

My wife told me to swat them away like gnats (giggle)

At the end of the day, God wins! My ancestors win!

I see it everyday in how much my art has grown and has been seen! I see it in the positive responses I get and the amount of celebrities who reach out to me. I see it in my customers everyday who email me, saying how MY pieces make them feel like Gods and Goddesses!!! Ase! 

I WIN!!!!!!!!

However, It was also a time to recognize in myself that...I was taking this wayyyyy too personally. These people don't know me and I don't know them. What is it that makes me care THAT much? When you start asking yourself questions...the healing begins, right?....

I do not expect everyone to love my art. I do not expect everyone to want to wear or support. I do, however, expect respect and grace because that's all I aim to give out.








Credits: Photog F.P https://www/
"Mursi woman with caly lip plat"


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