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Journey to Year 2

Journey to Year 2

As I lay in bed,  watching another endless replay of Twilight ( my wife sleeps best with the tv on😮‍💨) I am left with this mixture of thoughts and emotions as I make my way into my second year of business. 

With literally nothing or anyone to compare to,  I would say it's been more educational than anything.  My first year,  blew me out of the water financially and socially.  I mean... going viral was NO JOKE! 

This past year though, has taught me more about let downs,  perseverance and purpose. Most don't know, but mid year,  I was ready to quit.  I had lost that fire...that urgency.  I felt that maybe my dreams may be a little far fetched. I had made collaboration interests but none that followed through.  I had an unpleasant experience with an actress,  copycats ( like literally used MY content as their own), horrible numbers, dream killers and alot of no's. Alot of putting myself out there,  just to not hear anything back...

Thank God for therapy,  right! 

No, but seriously...I feel this year taught me more about myself than anything.  I can.....

Like, I can withstand it all. It will hurt. But I always survive it.  And I always come out BETTER.  

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